You're telling me this Website is mINE???
Ô_Ô just like. Hatsune Miku.....

paragraph with text. now the obligatory Check out Neocities!

Hello! This is a girl who does not wish to disclose her name! You may refer to me as Q.G.S. while I scrounge for a WORTHY pseudonym, but I'm so happy you're here! Obviously this site is under construction so don't get any ideas about MY ideas for this site yet :P. Be respectful.

PRACTICE List timeeeeee

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. Third item
  4. Relearning HTML is like reconnecting with a long-lost son.
  5. Sorry I took so long to get us that carton of milk, buddy.


Mi niño hermoso...lo llamaré Pedro Iñaki (okay neocities has a MAJOR problem with me using characters like an accented vowel or the ~n...sad...)